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Our practice promotes health and wellness through the treatment of all family members from infants to the elderly.    We are building a stronger community one family at a time.

We welcome new patients to our practice of Family Medicine.

Keep up with your own care!
After your visit you can receive login information to follow your care online, and make appointments thru our patient portal.

Patient Handouts
Find useful information on a wide variety of topics from babyproofing your home to tips on the early detection of cancer.
Learn more here.

Self-Care Charting
Search by symptom and follow easy to read charts to help you start your health care plan.

The only FDA approved, non-surgical, clinically proven low light laser used in body contouring.
Zero pain. Zero surgery. Zero bruising. Zero recovery time.
Reveal your true shape in two weeks with the reduction of inches.
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A unique 10-minute exercise session on a vibrating platform that help tone muscles and burn fat without trips to the gym.
Technology used for astronauts.

hCG Hormone
World renowned, secret of the stars hCG hormone for weight loss.  Put your weight loss goals on the right track by getting a jump start on a better way of life.  Our office has seen up to 37 pounds in just one month.  Results are typically 15-22 pounds.

Treated Medical Conditions
*  Acid Reflux
*  Acne
*  Allergies
*  Anemia
*  Anxiety
*  Arthritis
*  Asthma
*  Birth Control
*  Bladder Infections
*  Bronchitis
*  Burns
*  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
*  Cellulitis
*  Childhood Immunizations
*  Cholesterol
*  Cold Sores
*  Conjunctivitis
*  Constipation
*  Depression
*  Diabetes  
*  Diarrhea  
*  Diet/Nutrition  
*  DOT Physicals  
*  Drug Screens  
*  Ear Infections  
*  Eczema  
*  Erectile Dysfunction  
*  Eye Infections/Injuries  
*  Fatigue  
*  Fibromyalgia  
*  Fitness/Exercise  
*  Flu/Influenza  
*  Food Poisoning  
*  Gender Identity Disorder    
*  Gout  
*  hCG weight loss  
*  Headaches/Migraines  
*  Heart Disease  
*  Hemorrhoids  
*  Herpes  
*  High Blood Pressure  
*  Ingrown Toenails  
*  Irritable Bowel Syndrome  
*  Kidney Disease  
*  Lacerations  
*  Lice  
*  Menopause  
*  Men's Health  
*  Mental Health  
*  Mitral Valve Prolapse
*  Mono  
*  Musculoskeletal Injuries  
*  Nail Fungus  
*  Palpitations  
*  Pap Smears  
*  Pelvic Inflammatory Disease  
*  Physical/Sports/Camp Exams  
*  Poison Ivy  
*  Psoriasis  
*  Rashes  
*  Restless Leg Syndrome  
*  STD's  
*  Shingles  
*  Sinus/Upper Respiratory Infections  
*  Sleep Disorders/Apnea  
*  Smoking Cessation  
*  Staph Infections  
*  Strep Throat    
*  Thyroid Disorders  
*  Urinary Tract Infections  
*  Vaccines  
*  Varicose Veins  
*  Vibration 360   
*  Weight Loss
*  Well child check-ups
*  Women's Health
*  Zerona

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